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The property lies in the agrarian zone in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden with housing and commercial spaces. It’s in the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the last house in a valley surrounded by fields, forest and a stream in absolute silence. Close by are shopping facilities, schools and transportation. Although only five minutes away from the people-airport Altenrhein, no aircraft noise.

Canton Appenzell Ausserhoden has the possibility of the cantonal approbated

doctor law 811.11

naturopath law 811.11

dentist law 811.11.2

It is a matter of a new build with original curtain-wall facing by the architect Jacques Gros (Grand Hotel Dolder Zurich, Hunting lodge Magdeburg etc.). Inside concrete and masonry 20 cm of isolation after the Minergie standard. Own energy production through a solar photovoltaic system. Building is intended and equipped for controlled ambient air. Whole attic is new.

usable areas

Outside area in total: 10'872 m2

Residential house 263 m2

Garden shed 17 m2

Garden 2'422 m2

Path 34 m2

Forest 7'077 m2

Flowing water 1'032 m2

Humus earth space 27 m2

Interior area in total: 811 m2

Housing space 400 m2

Commercial space 124 m2

Ancillary space 287 m2

Have we aroused your interest

The building shell and rough garden layout will soon be finished, so that the owner-to-be can design the garden and interior fittings and finishes to their preferences.

We will gladly assist you in the implementation. Please contact us.