The new home of the villa tobler

the past

Even in previous times the place was so special and beautiful that wandering artists would make engravings that they carried out in to the world. We were lucky enough to find two different engravings from art dealers.



Surrounded by forest, water and pure nature, the idyllic Kellen-Thal is a little paradise. Crossing the bridge brings you to the village close by, and in only 5 minutes by car you will find yourself in the middle of civilisation (the autobahn A1 and airport Altenrhein). Even major cities like Zürich and Munich are only a short distance away.


Peace and Relaxation

0.00 km – Absolute peace and relaxation


Shopping and School

Shopping: 1.0 to 2.5 km – bakery, butcher, supermarkets Migros and Coop

School: 1.0 to 2.5 km – Kindergarten to primary school

Secondary school: 4.0 km

Restaurants: 1.0 to 2.5 km – Diverse


Connections by Train, Car, Plane and Boat

2.6 km train station Rheineck

3.0 km Autobahn connention Thal

4.0 km airport Altenrhein

6.0 km marina Altenrhein


Close Cities Inland and Abroad

20 km St. Gallen (CH)

18 km Bregenz (A)

36 km Lindau (D)


Distances to Metropolises

104 km Zürich (CH)

378 km Geneva (CH)

306 km Milan (I)

351 km Salzburg (A)

208 km Munich (D)